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Custom Recordal of IPRs in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Custom Recordal of IPRs
The Common Customs Law of the GCC States forms the legal basis for Custom Recordal of IPRs (Border Control Measures) in UAE.
Custom Recordal of IPRs is effective only on the import of goods.
They are as follows:-
  • A notarized and legalized Power of Attorney by the UAE consulate in the name of the registrant as shown in the certificate of registration;
  • A certified copy of the trademark registration certificate will be submitted with the application, which can be obtained from the Trademark Office. One copy is required for each customs department;
  • An electronic copy of the mark used on the products; and
  • For Abu Dhabi customs only: A letter from the owner authorizing the agent to record the mark with Abu Dhabi Customs that should be addressed to the respective institution.
The recordation can be finalized within 02 weeks after submission if all files are complete.
An official fee (currently AED 2,010) is payable.
The importer bears the liabilities and expenses related to suspension of the release of infringing goods.
A security bond (currently AED 5,000) is there. The security bond amount is partially reimbursed if the complaint is upheld, but retained entirely by Dubai Customs if the complaint is not upheld.