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Custom Recordal of IPRs in Qatar


Custom Recordal of IPRs
The Law No. 17 of 2011 on Border Measures to Protect Intellectual Property Rights 17 / 2011 - forms the legal basis for Custom Recordal of IPRs (Border Control Measures) in Qatar.
Custom Recordal of IPRs is effective only on the import of goods.
The role of the customs authority is to identify the suspicious goods and detain them until the order of the court directs to act otherwise.
The rights holder may apply to the Directorate to register all data related to his right, as well as his address in the State in the record allocated for this purpose in the Directorate. A decision by the Minister upon the proposal of Director General of the Directorate shall then define the procedures and registration fee.
The documents to be submitted are as follows:
  • Application form
  • Documents with evidence of ownership as well as the infringing action and fee receipt
01 week
Yes, the customs authority has a centralized system.
200 riyals
The customs authority suspends the clearance of imported goods upon finding that the goods are infringing in nature.
It depends on the case. If the case favours the applicant, the expense is paid by the infringer and vice versa.
The customs detain the goods for a certain number of days after which a civil suit has to be filed to continue the detention. The court usually decides within 03 dates from the date of filing.
The appellant has to submit to the Registry of the court a cash deposit or bank guarantee equal to the estimated expenses or damages suffered as a result of the infringement as determined by the court. The deposit or guarantee shall be returned to the appellant if a final judgment is issued in his favour.
The customs intimate the rights holder who is then supposed to file a case in the court for further action.
Yes, failure to join shall result in the release of goods.
The law does not provide for the destruction of infringing products.
Without prejudice to any greater penalty provided by another law, any person convicted of knowingly importing goods that represent an infringement upon any rights under protection shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 01 year and a fine not exceeding ten thousand riyals, or to either penalty.
*Please note that:

1. The sentence imposed in the preceding paragraph shall be doubled in the case of a recurrence.
2. In all cases, the Court shall order publication of its judgment at the expense of the accused in one or more daily newspapers as well as the confiscation of the goods, which represent an infringement upon any rights under protection.