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Protection & Enforcement of IPRs in New Zealand

New Zealand
Aotearoa (Māori)
"God Defend New Zealand"
(Māori: "Aotearoa")

"God Save the King"[n 1]
A map of the hemisphere centred on New Zealand, using an orthographic projection.
Location of New Zealand, including outlying islands, its territorial claim in the Antarctic, and Tokelau
41°18′S 174°47′E / 41.300°S 174.783°E / -41.300; 174.783
Largest cityAuckland
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Charles III
Cindy Kiro
Jacinda Ardern
(House of Representatives)
6 February 1840
7 May 1856
• Dominion
26 September 1907
25 November 1947
• Total
268,021 km2 (103,483 sq mi) (75th)
• Water (%)
1.6[n 4]
• October 2022 estimate
Neutral increase 5,129,520[6] (121st)
• 2018 census
• Density
19.1/km2 (49.5/sq mi) (167th)
GDP (PPP)2022 estimate
• Total
Increase $260.122 billion [8] (63rd)
• Per capita
Increase $50,411[8] (30th)
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
Increase $257.211 billion[8] (50th)
• Per capita
Increase $49,847[8] (23rd)
Gini (2019)Negative increase 33.9[9]
HDI (2021)Increase 0.937[10]
very high · 13th
CurrencyNew Zealand dollar ($) (NZD)
Time zoneUTC+12 (NZST[n 5])
• Summer (DST)
UTC+13 (NZDT[n 6])
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy[12]
Driving sideleft
Calling code+64
ISO 3166 codeNZ
Internet TLD.nz

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island and the South Island —and over 700 smaller islands. It is the sixth-largest island country by area, covering 268,021 square kilometres (103,500 sq mi). New Zealand is about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and 1,000 kilometres (600 mi) south of the islands of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. The country's varied topography and sharp mountain peaks, including the Southern Alps, owe much to tectonic uplift and volcanic eruptions. New Zealand's capital city is Wellington, and its most populous city is Auckland.