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Protection & Enforcement of IPRs in Jersey

Bailiwick of Jersey
Bailliage de Jersey  (French)
Bailliage dé Jèrri  (Norman)
Dieu et Mon Droit (French)
"God and My Right"
Anthem: "God Save the Queen"
Island anthem: "Island Home"[1]
Location of Jersey (green) in Europe (dark grey)
Location of Jersey (green)

in Europe (dark grey)

Sovereign state responsible for Jersey United Kingdom[a]
Separation from the Duchy of Normandy1204
and largest parish[c]
Saint Helier[b]
49°11.4′N 2°6.6′W / 49.1900°N 2.1100°W / 49.1900; -2.1100
Official languagesEnglish, Jèrriais and French[d]
Common languagesPortuguese and Polish
Ethnic groups
46.4% Jersey
32.7% British
8.2% Portuguese
3.3% Polish
2.4% Irish
0.9% French
3.8% Other European
1.3% Asian
0.4% African
0.7% multiracial[2]
39% non-religious

23% Anglican
22% Catholic
7% Other Christian

2% Other religion
Demonym(s)Islanders, Jerseyman, Jerseywoman, Jèrriais(e)
GovernmentParliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy
Elizabeth II
Stephen Dalton
• Bailiff
Tim Le Cocq
John Le Fondré
LegislatureStates Assembly
• Total
119.6[6] km2 (46.2 sq mi) (unranked)
• Water (%)
Highest elevation
143 m (469 ft)
• 2021 estimate
103,267[7] (182nd)
• Density
859/km2 (2,224.8/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2015 estimate
• Total
$6.0 billion (£4.57 billion)[8] (not ranked)
• Per capita
$60,000 (£45,783) (not ranked)
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
£4.885 billion (US$6.63 billion)[9]
• Per capita
Gini (2014)Steady 0.3[10]
HDI (2008)Steady 0.985[11]
very high · not ranked
CurrencyPound sterling
Jersey pound (£) (GBP)
Time zoneUTC±00:00 (GMT)
 • Summer (DST)
UTC+01:00 (BST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Mains electricity230 V–50 Hz
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44
UK postcode
ISO 3166 codeJE
Internet TLD.je


Jersey, officially the Bailiwick of Jersey, is an island near the coast of north-west France and a self-governing Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom. It is the largest of the Channel Islands and is 14 miles (23 km) from the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy. The Bailiwick consists of the main island of Jersey and some surrounding uninhabited islands and rocks including Les Dirouilles, Les Écréhous, Les Minquiers, and Les Pierres de Lecq.