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Protection & Enforcement of IPRs in Greece

Hellenic Republic
Ελληνική Δημοκρατία (Greek)
Ellinikí Dimokratía
Motto: Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος
Elefthería í Thánatos
("Freedom or Death")
Anthem: Ύμνος εις την Ελευθερίαν
Ímnos is tin Eleftherían
("Hymn to Liberty")
EU-Greece (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Greece (dark green)

– in Europe (light green & dark grey)
– in the European Union (light green)

and largest city
37°58′N 23°43′E / 37.967°N 23.717°E / 37.967; 23.717
Official language
and national language
73–93% Christianity

4–22% No religion[1][4]

2% Islam

1% Other religions[5]
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
• President
Katerina Sakellaropoulou
Kyriakos Mitsotakis
Konstantinos Tasoulas
LegislatureHellenic Parliament
Establishment history
25 March 1821 (traditional starting date of the Greek War of Independence), 15 January 1822 (official declaration)
3 February 1830
11 June 1975
• Total
131,957 km2 (50,949 sq mi)[6] (95th)
• Water (%)
1.51 (as of 2015)[7]
• 2020 estimate
Neutral decrease 10,718,565[8] (85th)
• 2011 census
• Density
82[10]/km2 (212.4/sq mi) (98th)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
Decrease $310.743 billion[11] (53th)
• Per capita
Decrease $29,045[11] (47th)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
Decrease $194.376 billion[11] (51th)
• Per capita
Decrease $18,168[11] (41th)
Gini (2020)Negative increase 31.1[12]
medium · 60th
HDI (2019)Increase 0.888[13]
very high · 32nd
CurrencyEuro () (EUR)
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (Eastern European Time)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+03:00 (Eastern European Summer Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy (AD)
Driving sideright
Calling code+30
ISO 3166 codeGR
Internet TLD
  1. The .eu domain is also used, as in other European Union member states.


Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a country located in Southeast Europe. Its population is approximately 10.7 million as of 2018; Athens is its largest and capital city, followed by Thessaloniki. Situated on the southern tip of the Balkans, Greece is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It shares land borders with Albania to the northwest, North Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the northeast. The Aegean Sea lies to the east of the mainland, the Ionian Sea to the west, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Greece has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin and the 11th longest coastline in the world at 13,676 km (8,498 mi) in length, featuring many islands, of which 227 are inhabited. Eighty percent of Greece is mountainous, with Mount Olympus being the highest peak at 2,918 metres (9,573 ft). The country consists of nine traditional geographic regions: Macedonia, Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, the Aegean Islands, Thrace, Crete, and the Ionian Islands.