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Enforcement of IPRs in Cyprus


Enforcement of IPRs
Easy availability is the ultimate cause of counterfeiting and piracy in Cyprus. 5 major cities are the hub of counterfeit goods, which includes Paphos, Limassol, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, and Nicosia.
Clothing and footwear most often face counterfeiting and piracy.
The Patents Law, 16/98; The Trade Marks Law that was amended a few times with the Law 63/62, Law 69/71, Law 206/90; The Partnerships and Trade Names Law; The United Kingdom Designs Law; and The Intellectual Property Law also amended by Laws 63/77 and 18/93.
Patents, Trademarks, Designs, and Copyright are the different types of IPRs protected by IPR enforcement measures.
It is not necessary; however, it is advisable to register IP rights.
A) Government Authorities -
B) Police Officials - Yes
C) Judiciary - Yes
D) Customs - Yes
A) Injunctions - Yes
B) Monetary Compensation - Yes
C) Raids - Yes
D) Seizures - Yes
E) Destruction - Yes
Minimum 05 years
Yes; civil litigation is costly and time consuming.
A) Responsible Authority - Customs and Courts
B) Imprisonment Term - 02 years
C) Monetary Fine - up to €85,500
Yes; criminal prosecution is time consuming and costly.
There is no formal mechanism established.
The remedies available under border control measures (customs) include seizure and destruction.
The rights holder must bear the costs of customs intervention during enforcement.
The Customs’ Measures are the best practices for enforcement of IPRs.
The amount of time it takes for courts to conclude a matter is a serious impediment in the process of delivery of justice. Therefore, there is no certainty even after investing much time and money as to the final order of the court.