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Custom Recordal of IPRs in Azerbaijan


Custom Recordal of IPRs
The Customs Code of the Azerbaijan Republic (Adopted by the Law of Azerbaijan Republic of June 10, 1997, № 311-IQ) forms the legal basis for Custom Recordal of IPRs (Border Control Measures).
Custom Recordal of IPRs is effective on both import and export of goods.
The role of the customs department is to detect and withhold the goods for further inspection after intimation is given to the rights holder.
The rights holder needs to submit to the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee, in paper or electronic form, an application for the inclusion of a protected IPR into the register. The Committee has 01 month from the date the application is submitted to review the application and decide whether or not to enter the protected IPR into the register.
The documents required in support of the recordation are as follows:
1. Power of attorney
2. A certified copy of the registration certificate of the trademark to be recorded
3. A Request form
4. An electronic presentation of the original product to aid the Customs officials in detecting counterfeit products and differentiating them from the originals
01 month
The term of Custom Recordal of IPRs is 05 years, which can be further renewed for successive periods of 05 years each.
The customs department/authority suspends the clearance of imported goods on determination of the nature of infringing goods.
The rights holder bears the liabilities and expenses related to suspension of the release of infringing goods.
No, there aren’t any disadvantages of Custom Recordal of IPRs.
Seizure and confiscation of goods